Huawei Mate 10!! may be your next smart phone you want to buy


Huawei has been great over the year. It has given us many smartphones that were slim and had great camera. But in the same way, people don’t like the interface of Huawei that much. Still Huawei ranks 3rd on the global ranking of smartphones.

Now the company is coming up with some more features to stun the market once again. They are coming up with their new flagship Huawei mate 10. The rumors are that it will take it up on the global ranking. It will give a better photography experience than the upcoming iphone 8.
According to some rumors the features will be as follows:

Kirin 970 SoC:

The current mate 9 had 960 but now they are going to next level they are upgrading their flagship with kirin 970.


Full screen display:

The upcoming flagship will have full screen and near bezel less screen as they have mentioned. Its screen size will be more than 5.7 because it is expected to be a phablet.

Longer battery timing:

It will have longer battery timing than the earlier mate 9. The battery timing will increase because of processor

Quick charging:

It will have even quicker charging.

Better photography:

As mentioned earlier, it will compete iphone’s camera and will give even better results. It will have similar camera 20megapixels but might have bigger image sensor and will give better results.


In Pakistan the price will be about 74,000 Pakistani rupee.

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