All we know about Xiaomi’s launch on 21 august 2k17


Xiaomi is landing Pakistan with some new products on 21 august in Pakistan. Xiaomi is ranked  in the top companies of the world. Xiaomi has been a trend setter for bezel less mobile phones when they launched Xiaomi mi mix. Xiaomi has been great over the years. its been successful in making its place in world top 10 smartphone company.

Xiaomi is not all about smart phones the smart speakers, handfree all are quality products. now they are making their way through all of the world. and in Pakistan, they are starting their whole new journey with their new smart phones and ECO products.

Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi mi 6:-

Xiaomi is coming up to launch their new flagship in Pakistan. Xiaomi mi 6 the flagship of this brand is to be launched in Pakistan with smartlinks. the earlier mi 5 wasn’t launched in Pakistan before. now they are taking it seriously and launching their flagship here. the phone has dual camera. 825 snapdragon processor,premium quality display

Xiaomi mi max 2:-


they are also launching Xiaomi mi max 2. that is also a premium quality smartphone with very good specifications. it is expected to be in less price than their competitors in market with similar specifications.

Xiaomi’s eco products

Xiaomi is famous for its accessories all over the world and now for the first time in Pakistan they are launching their ECO accessories like smart speakers, hand bands, headphones are to be launched on 21st of august 2k17.

Xiaomi mi sports bluetooth earphone:-

they are launching their mi bluetooth earphone. xiaomi gives you products with good sound quality and are better adaptive to ears.

mi bluetooth speaker mini:-

its beasically a small carry around speaker. it has nice sound. and its now coming to Pakistan


Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank:-

earlier xiaomi had launched their powerbanks with 10000mAh power but now bigger one is hitting Pakistan this 21st august 2k17.

Xiaomi mi headphones:-

xiaomi is coming with many of its new products in Pakistan. surely they are looking forward for great business in Pakistan. the xiaomi  is also launching  their mi headphones that will give premium quality sound for music and gaming.

Xiaomi LED smart table:-

an award winning product. good for reading product. An LED table lamp is coming to Pakistan.

Xiaomi foldable scooter:-

there is not much of a trend for scooter in Pakistan. but it may be prove to be a nice idea because atleast its better than walking.

Xiaomi wifi router:-

Xiaomi is the best in giving quality products in less price they are launching wifi router in Pakistan.

Xiaomi car charger:-

Xiaomi is launching its car charger to Pakistan. with 2 usb cables support at a time.

Xiaomi amazfit:-

its a smart watch that is capable of connecting to your smartphone. its a premium looking device launching this august 2k17.

xiaomi has made a big number of customer in Pakistan. and all of them are excited for this launch in Pakistan. All these product will be available for sale in stores within few days

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