Android Oreo is here and we are excited


The new android Oreo is here. It will be updating on your smartphone soon. We begin with talking about the naming conventions of android by Google. the names are given in alphabetical order. The earlier version was nougat and now with “O” OREO.

The major changes with the new android are as follows:

Faster boot time:

as calculated on Google pixel, all new android Oreo gives us double boot speed.

More secure:

Google has increased the security of their new android Oreo. From now on your android will scan all the apps you download in your smartphone to save it from different kind of viruses to enter your smartphone.

Look at notifications later:

Google understands that you are not ready to look at your notifications all the time. So, from now on you can snooze your notifications to take a look at them later.

Control background activities:

We know that the applications with background usage drain more battery than it is drained on front end of your smart phone. So, from now on you can control your smartphones background activities.

Videos on your screen:

Multitasking is a priority so now in the new update they have made it a lot more easier for us to work and look at the video at the same time. facebook has launched this feature in its application. but with the new android we can do this everywhere

Selection of text:

it is now even more efficient. it will select words and numbers more efficiently in future

new camera features:

in all new android Oreo there will be more camera on-screen shortcuts. and you don’t have to go to settings for little things.


android has introduced autofill for applications that saves your username and password. and when next time you open the app you don’t have to fill both.

The big O for Oreo:

like the earlier versions that had different specialty with android version like lollipop had a game. this has an octopus you can play with until you see the big O on your screen that shows the new android version.

New emojis:

now a days, conversations are incomplete without emojis. so Google has added new emojis to the new version of android.


Ambient screen:

the new android has a new feature notifications are highlighted.

Location update:

the new android Oreo will stop the readily update of your location in the background.

Downloadable fonts:

now you can download new fonts for your smartphone.

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