Whatsapp Latest Update Gives Group Admins More Power!

Whatsapp is the new standard for messaging and as more and more people are starting to prefer this over SMS, this facebook owned company is many strides to keep their experiences friendly. In the most recent update whatsapp provided a new feature which will directly effect the group admins as it gives them more control over their groups. This features allow admins to control who sends messages , right now the feature comes with two modes “All Participants” and “Admins Only”. This feature will stop users from sending messages.

When “All Participants” is selected the group will function as normal where everyone will have the ability to post, on the other hand if “Admins Only ” is selected then only the group admins will be allowed to post in the group. For the normal participants the input chat bar will be disabled and they can only see the conversation, instead on being a part of it. This feature will allow admins to control groups in case of a fight or heated conversation. This feature will also be useful for those who want to share their conversation but don’t want any disturbance. This feature is available in beta right now on the version  2.18.201, its also coming as a stable update with version 2.18.191

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