Huawei May Launch Their Nova 4 With a Hole In Display To Compete A8s From Samsung!

So lately Huawei has been quite offensive when it comes to releasing new features to their mobile phone line up and a similar case has recently come forward as Huawei just announced that they are releasing a brand new device with a hole In Display, now this concept became popular when Samsung announced that they are going to release their A8s which was expected to be the world’s first phone with a hole for the camera but yesterday Huawei took everyone by surprise when they posted a teaser for their upcoming device with is going to have a hole in the display.

Now the timing of the teaser coincides with the release dates for the expected Nova 4 which is Huawei’s answer to the budget flagship segment.Nova 4 is expected to come with Kirin 980 and 6GB or Ram and it is also expected that Nova 4i will be launched along with Nova 4 , just like last year Nova 4i is expected to come with watered-down internals and similar externals and as the display is expected to be unique this phone might end up being the coolest surprise this year.

Now Camera under-display is not new as most of the in-display fingerprint scanners use a similar implementation where a camera is placed under display but this will first time that this camera will be able to click your selfies among other stuff.

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