I apologize for what my anxiety makes me do , it’s not me, but my anxiety

I apologize for whatever I have done because of my consternation and anxiety.

Please understand that it’s not me, it’s my depression.

It can’t reflect full of me, it can just show a chunk of mine.It makes me say things I should not say. It makes me spill secrets that should not have been shared to me.
Anxiety makes me stay inside when the weather is bright and beautiful. It makes me not go out with friends and family even when I really want to. It sometimes makes me silent, and sometimes makes me talk too quick. It makes me awake whole night even I have bought dark circles under my eyes which make me look ill all time. Even Thirty dollar concealers cannot tackle them. I always feel my eyes burning in sunshine when I tried to end up my tired.

It makes me exhausted for the whole day. I have started thinking my bad points just because I am anxious.
It sometimes awakes my soul to move abruptly. It makes me go until I run out of steam. This makes me break over and over again. Anxiety makes me lose friends. It makes me paranoid that no one truly loves me. It makes me cancel on dates because I’m afraid of silence. It makes my hands shake for no reason. It makes me think I’m going mad.
It makes me take a pill every single morning, to combat the demons in my mind. It makes me talk behind people’s back, hissing at someone else’s personality, just to feel a bit more alive.
So I’m sorry for whatever I have done because of this slam anxiety. I’m sorry for canceling. I’m sorry for the drunken texts. I’m sorry for the biting of my fingers until they bleed.
I’m sorry for talking too fast in order for my brain to catch up with my thoughts and talks.
I’m sorry for much reasoning about each and every thing.
I’m sorry for not being able to shut it off.
I’m sorry to my brain. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

I’m sorry for trying to breathe!
Yes I am extremely sorry!

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