3 Secrets Of Youtube Success In 2018!

So I have been asked quite a lot of times about how to get success on Youtube and what is the so-called “TRICK” for youtube, so i have decided to settle this question once and for all so that all the aspiring Youtubers are on the correct track right from the start.Now for me their are Three C’s for Youtube success and I am going to explain each of them in detail.


Consistent Uploads:

The most important thing for Youtube success is consistency and yes it looks easy when its written here but believe me its the most difficult thing to execute in reality. For any Youtube channel to become successful regular uploads are the key and its not always necessary to post daily or even weekly content but the important thing is to post in constant intervals so that your viewers can find a pattern in your uploads, it simply means that if you can upload 7 videos a week do it daily and if its not possible try to set days and timings of your content upload. This will not only help your users but also the algorithm of Youtube prefers people who have a set schedule instead of random uploads. This rule can easily be verified with all the successful Youtubers as all of them have some set frequency of uploads.


Content Quality:

Well after all Youtube is a place where content creators can show their talent so to get success on Youtube the Content Quality should be upto the mark, Now i am not saying that you should go and buy expensive stuff before the first video as content quality is less dependent on equipment and more on the what you actually want to portray  and frankly speaking all of our smartphones have decent enough cameras to make Youtube Videos. Beside don’t ever try to copy others as copied content is always frowned upon, getting inspiration is however considered fine.


Come First:

If your content is related to some art then you can upload whenever you feel right but if your channel is about reviews,reactions,roasting or news then you should try to be as fast a possible because first one to upload always gets the first movers advantage and this thing is quite apparent in Youtube’s algorithm as sometimes getting early content is better then good quality content so dont wait just upload.

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