9 Things I Do Because Of Depression That Makes Me Seem Like A Lazy Person.

1. Excessive usage of mobile phone

“My depression gets worse whenever I use my mobile phone more. To make myself busy, I usually use it more. Everyone who sees it thinks I’m lazy,but it makes my mind out of stress sometime as I can pass my time in this way” — Gena G.

“I spend my much time to my phone , it makes me addiction ofmobile phones.”— Kavita K.

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2. Falling Behind on Housework

“I don’t wash up for weeks, literally until every utensil and plate is used… sometimes it even gets moldy. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I want to, but my body is just tired and wants to sit and do nothing or lie in bed whilst also looking a mess, greasy hair and un brushed teeth.” —Rosemary W.

“I don’t clean house when my depression is bad. It’s not laziness, it’s because I don’t have the energy or desire to. Then I become more depressed because it’s a mess which then stresses me out. Even taking a shower requires more energy than I have.” — Jessi F.

“Falling behind on housework. Spending a lot of time on my phone to distract myself. I look lazy AF. But trust me, I want to do stuff. I hate the house being a mess. I don’t even have it in me to do anything I actually like to do, either.” — Annabel R.

“Housekeeping is out the window. I’m not lazy, I just… can’t.” — Rebecca V.

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3. Oversleeping

“Sleep during the day. It’s the only time I fall asleep easily. I struggle to sleep at night I run out of energy and need to nap in order to find any energy again.” — Michaela G.

“I sleep till noon, no matter what time I go to bed or how well I sleep. I’ve never been able to get out of bed. It’s like an invisible force is sitting on my chest making me stay in bed.” — Crystal W.

“I want to sleep all day because I feel very tired even when I slept for hours. My bed seems to be my shell.” — Natasha C.

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4. Resting/Taking a Lot of Breaks

“Rest. Literally sounds ridiculous that someone would tell me I’m lazy because I choose to rest when I’m depressed instead of throwing myself into the deep end that will make me more depressed. Resting helps mere charge faster, and because Ive done this more, my depression episodes don’t last as long.” — Sloane S.

“When I am not at work I take breaks in between tasks. I lie down with my heating pad and just rest. I set an alarm in case I fall asleep to make sure I am on time for my next task. I still get done what I have to, but conserve energy on my low days so I won’t get overly tired and quit. I allowed my depression to get so bad once that my house was disgusting and my friends who helped me move saw it and I was so mortified for them to see it, but too exhausted to clean. I swore never again, so I force myself to clean even if it means lying down after each room.” — Charly B.

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5. Spending Extra Time in Bed in the Morning

“I lie in bed in the morning and think about the things I should be grateful for… I have so much, fortunately. I have a strong relationship with my husband and he helps me through this.” — Dona D.

“I just lie in bed all day and stay in my pajamas. I often even don’t take showers for days because it’s just easier not to.” — Jalisha J.

“Even when I wake up early, I have to spend time still in bed before I can get up. I need the time to curb the anxieties and rally as best as I can for the day.” — Phaedra M.

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6. Neglecting Personal Hygiene

“Wear the same clothes a few times before washing them.” —Caitlin E.

“Not showering, not wearing makeup even though I feel ugly, not bothering to cover my self-harm scares because I simply don’t care. Not washing my hair even though it constantly looks wet. So basically I stop caring about things I’m normally very anal about.” — Stacey S.

“I don’t do my hair, I don’t do my makeup, and I don’t dress how I would want to. I shaved my head to not have to deal with my messy, dirty hair and I don’t do my makeup anymore even though I love to because it’s just too much energy. I also just throw on whatever clothes are closest to me when I have to go to work. Depression has just taken away everything that makes me, me.” — Gwendolyn R.

“Don’t wash my hair for weeks. It is obvious that it has not been washed, but I don’t care. Don’t wash clothes. Just wear the same pair of jeans all week. Little things that only people who really know me see: not wearing any jewelry whatsoever, staying in my room a lot on my bed, and not getting up for much of anything.” — Alexandria A.

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7. Living With a Parent

“I ended up moving back into my mum’s house at the age of 31because I had such bad depression, I couldn’t eat or wash, etc. My mum had tobathe me, like when I was a child. I’m now 36 and still in recovery. It’s hardto love myself when so many people have hurt and abused me.” — Kam S.

8. Not Being Able to Work

“I haven’t been able to work even part-time since I had ECTin 2005. People tell me I’m lucky not to have to work, which just pisses me offbecause they don’t know what I go through.” — Laura R.

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9. Eating Fast Food

“Don’t get out of my Please, order take-out or grab fast food for meals because I am to exhausted to cook.” — Heather F.

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