I have a battle with myself, Help me out of it!

I was just sixteen, from when I am struggling against myself. People tired a lot to help me. Their thinking can be good but ultimately their struggle was not proved good to me, it worked negatively.

Some factors can help me out; I thought I should make a list of it.


1. Don’t create Fright

Whenever you fear from my depression and panic attacks, then I will try to move somewhere far from you. It’s not because I have suicidal thoughts, it just because I am impair.

2.  Stimulate me to visit any guide or physician

Self-injuring is an symptom that something wrong is happening emotionally, and a professional physician or doctor can assist me a lot in this regard. If I struggling with self-harm, check in to make sure I am talking to a counselor or other professional about it.

3. Keep eye on my physical condition, Am I okay or in need of proper medications

Try to talk with me informally about my health my mental state or about myself. It’s possible that you can take me to counselor or any doctor or become my advocate in this regard.

4. Never ever start a speech about what is better for me or not

Yes it can be very defenseless, but whenever you start judging me and lecture me about anything I feel bad. I know that self-injury can make me die but your lecture will make me feel ashamed. Then maybe I start drubbing my problems from you.

5. Please don’t try to scare me

Please don’t do this to me. Never say that if you commit self-injury then it will happen and whatever. It puts an enormous amount of pressure on me and the stress makes my temptation worse.

Instead of all this above things, you can do following. It will heal me, it will help me out all of this shit.

1.  Attend me without any penetration

I know self-injury doesn’t make sense, but this is a real addiction I struggle with. I usually want to injure myself due to overwhelming emotions and  anxiety. Sometimes my emotions are so intense I am completely over whelmed and don’t know what to do. Be that person I can call or talk to when my emotions and anxiety are out of control. Just listen. Listening is often the best thing.

2. Useful assertions

When I am struggling with self-injury, I am feeling really low about myself. These are the times I feel like I’m not worth anything, that I’m “crazy,” that I deserve to be hurt. Tell me specific things about myself that are positive. Remind me I am valuable, and that I don’t deserve self-injury. If I have already injured myself, tell me I am still worth something, and that tomorrow is a new day.

3. Responsibility

It needs too much care to argument about it. For example, I’ll make an agreement with someone that each time I injure myself, I have to let them know. Then we might talk about what happened if I feel up to it. It helps to get this out in the open. Just no threatening or lectures if I mess up. Accountability only works if I am completely on board.

4. Give me plans for diversions

Try to distract me whenever I am suffering from depressing thoughts. Try to make me busy somewhere, try to find out some alternative or some distractions for me.

5. Change discussion

Sometimes I keep obsessing over these thoughts, and it’s not healthy. Maybe you can find something else to get my mind off those obsessive thoughts. Sometimes I have dealt with thoughts about self-harm just by distracting myself — by turning on the TV and becoming absorbed in a movie or joking about something with a friend.

6. Try to make me relax by saying that you don’t think bad about me.

After I confess to someone that I struggle with self-harm, I panic my friend will judge me and think I’m “crazy.”  When a friend tells me, “I still see you the same, I don’t think any less of you,”that gives me an incredible amount of comfort. Self-injury is my deepest secret. My struggle with self-harm brings me embarrassment and shame When a friend tells me, “I still love you. I don’t think any less of you. I still think you’re a great person. I still want you in my life.” When a friend speaks to me that way, I am often moved to tears. For a moment I see my self through their kind eyes, and I think maybe I don’t have to harm myself after all.

7. Try to have sittings with me or let me out somewhere

My loneliness is not good for me. It maximizes destructive and suicidal thoughts.Try to accompany me as much as possible.

8. Question me that how can you assist me

I often in need of someone’s help. Please ask me about.

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