A youthful mechanic at an Audi garage killed himself after tyrannizing by his mates

A youthful mechanic at an Audi garage killed himself after tyrannizing by his mates, an inquest has heard.

Cheese, who committed suicide in April 2016, did so only six months after he started working for Audi.

When media asked his parents, his father Keith Cheese replied, he will never ever excuse himself for ignoring the signs his son was showing him before his suicide. He stated that , his son named golf came to him at the day of his Suicide , he tried to talk his father Keith Cheese about something, but Mr. Keith Cheese was busy in watching tv so he ignored him.  

His mother, Ms. Purdy Cheese told that she knew that George was in some kind of mental stress and depression. He was regularly taking his anti-depressing medicines may be for better sleep and relaxing mind. He took extra dose of medicines at two stages. His mother said that she was really unable to even think of that his son tried to kill himself at these two situations.  Instead, she saw them as excuses to miss work without having to quit his job.

According to his mother, his mates also knew about his mind condition, they usually comments that Dear boy , “have your medicines on time , you are already in need of  them”.  

His mother stated that depressed boy was also having bad time with his girlfriend of  2 years due to which he was much depressed. 

George was also having very intense time in his office , He tried to explain his executive , but he did not noticed much about it. He said that I will ask those boys about it.

His boss named as Peter Bedford took no action against those bad boys who were disturbing George , Wright was also there in workshop when George fall in fire. George was locked in a cage set on fire , it was witnessed by Manager of the organization named as Terry Kindeleit. He said that we will try a lot that such type of incident will never occur after. This includes all members, their support for this. We will surely maintain weekly appraisal forms for such purpose.

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