How to deal with Depression and fatigue

A stage comes in life when man kinds have exhaustion. It may happen that body starts exhausting bodily it surely require rest to heal. It takes too much time to make mind relax and satisfy and to arrange thoughts. It can be a mixture of mixed thoughts of tiredness and also of satisfaction and relaxation. You can’t stop cavernous at this stage, it can’t have any treatment, but yes some sleepless nights and days full of laziness.

Feeling can come with some type of mental issues. A person without depression can never have that worst feeling which a depressed person can have.There can’t be any reason of such exhaustion; you always thought why you are so?  I am leaving job still I have no idea what’s going on with me, I just take rest, rest and rest whole day. Then what can be reason of my tiredness?

May be by having some rest, can solve issue. I appreciate your working for it but it can’t fathom by above mentioned things.

Exhaustion due to sadness is always continual, it make physique paining from your head to your foot. It can be conclusion of routine fights which you must have with your own self inside your body. It destroys feelings, from whatever mind situation you are in.

It means feeling tired when I wake no matter what the quality and quantity of sleep is.

Such exhaustion makes life much weaken and endangered.  It’s make difficult to take decision, it makes people unable to think properly , and you start omit important things which can be very valuable to you. Depression can make my legs exhausted and tired, I always feel a lot of pain in body, it makes me unable to move my head and neck properly, I became unable to lift weight with my arms, shoulders got down by pain. At that stage, my brain starts presenting vulnerable thoughts which comes hastily, and my brain is tired from trying to slow them down, trying in some way organizing and processing them. It makes my eyes full of tears even without having any reason to weep.

It takes too much power to do my daily tasks even if which can be easiest for normal people. It takes me the stage at which is indescribable. I am tired with my soul and heart.

I don’t expect to ever be my old self again but I would like to have some energy back. Depression has drained enough from me already.

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