Fifteen things you done when you are emotionally insensate

What is emotive sensibleness?

Mighty contributor Elizabeth Duff shared how she defines it in her piece, “When Depression Makes Me Numb, Not Sad”

Many people feel that in same sense, similarly she feels like that.

It happens like destructive feeling. You may try a lot against this in sensation by struggling against signs, influence of such emotions, sadness or anything like that, we required you to look at us. We are happy to know that you are part of our society. You are working hard for this , so we will be happy if you start sending your thoughts or questions on our site, to get help from people you may know them.

Some things you do when you are in depression:

1. You start being alone

“I isolate myself behind the ‘introvert’ behavior when really, I’m hiding. I’m barely out in public. When I do, it’s usually forced — shopping, events or errands. I make myself go out to do those things. Point A (work) to point B (home) is all I focus on.” — Janelle F.

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2. Over Reaction or No reaction

“I’m in the ‘either or’ mode… either I overreacted or I don’t react at all.. I can be functional with a smile, but inside I’m completely numb.” — Ashley W.You Self-Medicate
“I pretend I’m happy and not affected by the situation at all, while I go numb myself physically with substances.” — Lauryn L.

3. You can’t understand your surroundings

“When I go numb, I basically stop hearing and stop processing most of the world around me, going into work mode so people just assume I’m busy or in a bad mood.” — Cathryn C.

4. Distraction

“I begin to distract myself by playing games on my phone, or I clean. I do whatever I can because I become so uncomfortable I cannot sit in the anxiety and discomfort.” — Dana B.

5. You stop laughing

“Something I’ve noticed I’ve been doing lately is not reacting externally if, say, I watch a funny You Tube video, but I can still feel myself laughing internally. It’s like my brain knows it’s funny, but I have no outward expression whatsoever.” — Katie S.

6. You usually forget everything

“Day-to-day I’ll be extra forgetful, forget to message people back, have to ask people to repeat things and might seem like I’m not listening when I’m actually just not present. I get extra clumsy too and tend to knock things over or walk into things. When I’m conscious it’s happening and can’t seem to get back to reality, I tend to switch onto self-destruct mode to try and get some feeling back.” — Harriet L.

7. You “Zone Out”

“I zone out to the point I’m only physically there, but mentally elsewhere and emotionally dead. I will just sit and not interact with people or my surroundings. If I’m walking, I will hold onto the person and that’s the only way I stay with them.” — Raven M.

8. You Have Trouble Following Social Cues

“I interrupt. I don’t hear lots of what is happening, I have trouble following social cues and I just interrupt people.” — Kristy G.

9. You Have No Desire to Date

“A different one for me is dating. Some don’t understand how I can go such long periods of time being single, without even showing interest in dating, but it was the last thing on my mind.” — Amanda Z.

10. Your sleep has incremented

“Sleeping in the middle of the day.” — Emily S.

11. People thought that you are insensate

“I’m totally emotionless. I don’t get excited, or show facial expressions.” — Justin L.

12. You are fighting too much with everyone

“Personally, when I go numb, I try to pick fights with my fiancé, in order to get a reaction of emotion, since I can’t feel any emotion myself and me trying to push him away since I am uncomfortable with myself. Then, once the battle is over and my numbing state is satisfied, it is as though I come back, with a full experience of emotions, and begin to cry because I feel so horrible for words I didn’t mean, despite not being able to explain what happened. Overall, it seems like for a brief time, I lose myself completely and all control of my mental processing.” — Autumn T.

13. You put yourself in “Risky” Situations

“Something people don’t realize I’m doing because I’m emotionally numb is placing myself in risky situations. I’m willing to come to harm physically and/or emotionally so that I feel something — anything — other than the ‘nothingness’ of being numb.” — Louisa T.

14. You Seem “Robotic”

“I say exactly what I am thinking. I turn into a robot I have very little empathy and my body language and voice are flat lined. When I am numb like that, I’m usually trapped in my head — sitting, staring and waiting to come back to myself.” — Nicole S.

15. Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“Having panic attacks instead of feeling negative emotions. I don’t like being mad or sad. I’m numb to those negative emotions because of trauma and PTSD. I just get anxious instead.” — Liz T.

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