Apple Airpods 2 are more like Airpod 1.5 when it comes to features

Apple has been on a release spree recently where a new product or upgrade is dropping down every single day like the processor upgrade on iMac with 256GB Ram option for iMac Pro and Airpods 2 launch today yes you have heard it correct the long-rumored and the most awaited Apple accessory is out and is showing on Apple’s website.

Apple Airpods 2 are almost similar to the originals with improvements mainly from the inside. The biggest hardware change which will be quite apparent right from the start is the support for wireless charging. Apple Airpods 2 now support wireless charging through their charging case. The charging case is also sold separately for Airpods so you can use your old Airpods with the new case as well. Apple is also selling Airpods without wireless charging so Airpods 2 are not replacing the originals at least for now.
One of the overlooked features from Airpods 2 is the H1 chip which is the upgrade from W1 chip in Airpods 1. H1 chip allows a better battery life which is now 5 hours for listening and 3 hours for Talk time. H1 chip allows improving the connection by lowering latency which is crucial for gaming where lag is usually considered very bad. Call connection times have also gotten better with up to 1.5x faster connection time.

Hey Siri is now also available on Airpods 2 so you can now call siri by just saying the words where previously a double tap was required. Hey, Siri on Airpods 2 is very important as this is the only source for lowering or increasing the volume. The price tag for Airpods 2 is 199 USD and the charging case alone costs 159 USD.

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