Suno Chanda 2 is coming back; Good news for IQRA AZIZ fans

Suno Chanda 2 is a sequel to the hit Ramadan series on Hum TV last year. The first season revolved around Ajiya and Arsal’s love story, two cousins bound by Nikkah but hated each other on sight. The first season like the second one has been directed by Aehsun Talish. Suno Chanda 2 is a MD Productions presentation for Hum TV

Suno Chanda was a realistic comedy drama of 2018. Its transmission was based on ramzan and ended up near Eid ul Fitr 2019. After it, News were rumoring that Suno Chanda part 2 will also be released soon. Now Directora, Aehsun Talish has introduced Suno Chanda 2 for uupcoming ramzan and it’s a great news for all suno chanda fans.After unleashing a storm on television screens all across Pakistan , The crowd favorite Suno Chanda is buckling up to make a grand return with its second season , as famed lead star Iqra Aziz gets back on the sets.

This time, Saima Akram Chaudhry shared with her fans that Suno Chanda 2 will feature two new characters, namely Meetho and Meena along with the rest of the cast.

A scene captured from Suno Chanda. This picture depicts the brilliant chemistry Arsal and Jiya shared.

Farhan Saeed comments on Suno Chanda:

“We were a bit skeptic because romantic comedy during Ramadan was different from the whole game show culture, which people preferred. We weren’t expecting such response, people messaged us pictures of their kids watching Suno Chanda, they showed us so much love. Surprisingly, I was in Thailand for a concert and some Indian fans were there, outside my room telling how much they loved the season. So, I guess I am thankful to all of the amazing people who loved the show, who made season 2 a reality.”

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