Samsung Started FastCharging Show, Oppo and Huawei Finished it.

Samsung introduced fast charging with Galaxy S6 series and it was a revolutionary feature for the time. Samsung’s fast charging was called adaptive fast charging which meant that the device and charger were talking to each other so that maximum charge could be supplied to the phone without heating it. Samsung adaptive fast charging supported 15watts which was much higher then 5 watts by other brands at that time.

Samsung was praised for their work and as expected other brands started to work on their versions of fast charging and soon we started seeing fast charging technologies from all the Chinese manufacturers namely OPPO,VIVO and Huawei . Oppo called their technology VOOC charge while Huawei stuck with Super charger.

Both Oppo’s and Huawei’s fast charging technologies were faster then Samsung and Samsung fans started looking towards Samsung for an upgrade as they already had the first movers advantage but galaxy after galaxy was launched but no upgrade was given to the fast charging tech and it ultimately meant that Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fast charging took 1:45 from 0 to 100 while Huawei’s and Oppo’s counter part took only 45 minutes.

Samsung fans are looking towards Samsung to upgrade this in Note 10 so keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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