Horror movie alert! KATAKSHA, Zombies & Jinn thrill with physiological flick!

Pakistan made a horror movie and it was shot in the famed Katas Raj Temple.

The first look of the film Kataksha was released recently. The 35 seconds short clip shows a group of friends seemingly leaving for a trip in a big jeep. The teaser doesn’t give much information about the film but it seems like Kataksha will fall under the horror-action genre.

Pakistan has made horror movies before. But according to Kataksha producers, this one is like no other horror movies that came before, since it’s all about jinns.

Abu Aleeha who previously directed ‘Arifa’ is now directing and producing Kataksha. Kiran Tabeer is playing the lead role opposite Saleem Miraj. Other cast members include Nimra Shahid, Kasim Khan, and Mubeen Gabol.

Kiran says: “The film explores what happens with us there, how the story takes a turn, the twist of events and whether the place is haunted or not… whether jinns exist or not.”

Kataksha will be Pakistan’s first psychological horror movie and we are already excited to know more about the film that will contribute majorly to the small list of Pakistani Horror Movie’s List!

The style in which the video has been shot seems to signal that the film will be action oriented in part at least and may feature some humour as well.

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