Shab e Barat to be observed today

Shab-e-Barat, the 15th of Sha’aban, considered as the night of blessings and forgiveness will be observed on the night between Saturday (today) and Sunday with traditional religious enthusiasm.

Radio Pakistan reported, a large number of the faithful will go to mosques to offer special prayers nawafil and Shabina during the whole night, which according to some traditions is the night of blessings and accountability wherein mass judgments regarding lives, deaths, bestowments and blessings for the next year are made by Almighty Allah.

Our Rizq will be decided today and Allah Almighty will answer all prayers.

Nawafil’s will be offered by people to seek blessings of Allah and forgiveness for their sins.

Mosques are decorated today and extra security is given by government for the safety of people who are saying their prayers.

Many people will visit graveyards for special prayers for their departed souls.

Today is night of blessings, we Muslims need to ask Allah for the blessings and also for forgiveness.

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