Facebook: Why leaking of 1.5 million emails is worrisome

As if Facebook wasn’t in hot water already when they, in their own terms “unintentionally” leaked 1.5 million emails of the general consumers.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Now Ever since Facebook invited the wrath of users in the
Cambridge Analytica Data Harvesting Scandal they are constantly promising users for better security experience. Fast forward to today, they admitted that they stored thousands of passwords in an easy to read format. They also admitted just recently that they harvested the email info of 1.5 million users. They claim that it was “unintentional” but at this point who knows what blunders will they make next

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Password Demand

Facebook also demanded the passwords of several users. They asked people about their email passwords to “confirm” their email address rather than just asking the facebook password. Now they could’ve just asked the email address and send a confirmation email but they decided to take the harder and path that makes less sense

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The Future that is ahead

Many are once again ready to give another chance to Facebook to redeem itself, while others are just whipping up conspiracies that go from mildly plausible to outright outlandish. You’re bound to make a mistake sooner or later if you are one of the biggest social giants. With all the controversies from Cambridge Analytica Scandal to the password harvesting “mistake”, Facebook is barely keeping something at bay

Social Addiction comes at the cost of security these days

Your Privacy

With the increasing social addiction, we can’t just turn a blind eye to our privacy. No company should be able to record all your internet footsteps as they please even. Even if they can do that easily, which they can, they shouldn’t invade the privacy of a user without their permission first.


The users should also be aware of what they accept and what they don’t accept. The terms and conditions are there for a reason, so one should just skim through it to know what to expect. It’s better to be safe than sorry

Though if you’re concerned about your privacy way too much then there are always other options like Telegram where user privacy is a much bigger priority

messenger vs telegram


So what do you think about all this? Is this just one of the occasional slip ups by yours truly,Facebook.Or is there a deeper meaning behind all these “unintentional” slip ups? Do Let us know

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