“Shayan” from drama serial CHEEKH represents a true husband who really believes his wife

Shayan is the anti-Ashar (from Humsafar); someone who believes in his wife and doesn’t automatically assume the worst of her just because his family says so. Yawar is no Farida Aunty (again, from Humsafar), but he’s about as close as one can get to a male version of her.Drama serial Cheekh is going on with full of it’s action. It’s not like typical dramas where husband blames wife if she goes against his family. Husbands usualy mistrust theuir wives usually if their family says that, on the other hand Shayan who is not just trusting his wife Mannat but also supporting her as much as he can. He stood against his family in court because he trusts his wife.

Saba Qamar’s Mannat is not scared of losing her husband, her house or anything else because she knows Nayab deserves justice. These are the kind of women we need in reel and real life. Women who believe in themselves and refuse to beg for a relationship.

From his dialogue delivery to his facial expressions, he was outstanding. Again, it’s unfortunate that the concept of a husband who stands by his wife and believes her over his family is so foreign to Pakistani dramas. We need more Shayaans and fewer Ashars.

VIA adda
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