Ali Zafar bursts into tears while talking about Meesha Shafi harassment allegations , criticized by Meesha Shafi’s lawyer

A well-known Pakistani singer and “Teefa in trouble” guy is under harassment allegations these days. These allegations are put on by Meesha Shafi who is an actresses , she worked in Bollywood also in “Bhag Malika bhag”. Speaking on Geo News in program Naya Pakistan, Ali Zafar emotionally stated that: “I have stayed silent for a year on the topic, whenever an allegation like this is placed on any man and woman, it completely destroys them”

Ali Zafar, speaking about the sexual harassment allegation placed against him, broke into tears on Sunday telling Meesha Shafi, if she takes one step forward in ending the fiasco, he will take ten steps forward.

Talking to the host Shahzad Iqbal, Zafar said that Meesha Shafi made a claim against him but the court’s verdict came in his favour, adding that now a social media campaign has been launched against him. He said that several big companies who had hired the singer were tagged in the posts, along with the United Nations’ agencies, so that his career can be ended.

Zafar alleged that Shafi wants to immigrate to Canada but he does not know why she made the allegations in the first place. He said that Shafi was a good friend of their family and attended functions with them.

Meesha Shafi’s lawyer slams ‘episode of male tears‘, rallies support for ‘survivors’

Nighat Dad further went on to highlight that while Meesha Shafi has had a gag order placed on her, the “privileged man accused of sexual harassment” goes on live television to talk about what he is supposedly going through

The lawyer also underscored how those who are accused of sexual harassment or assault “make it seem like it’s the accused who are hurt the most”.

From today’s episode of male tears to R. Kelly’s to Brett Kavanugh’s you will find a stark similarity. […] Also more TV shows are planned and coming your way in coming days while survivor can’t utter a word in her defence” ,stated by Nighat Dad.

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