Dan Reynolds ( imagine dragons) is on a mission to make AS mainstream

Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds. Image courtesy of ‘Monster Pain in the AS’

In 2015, Imagine Dragons front man in front of a stadium full of adoring fans. No, he wasn’t about to perform one of his band’s hits. Instead, he was getting ready to make a personal, vulnerable admission.

Reynolds was suffering from the chronic pain of (AS), an autoimmune disease that is a type of arthritis of the spine. He was ready to share his status with the world.

“This is the truth, I’ve never said this publicly ever, and I’m just going to say it tonight it because it’s just part of my life now. Does anybody out there suffer from any disease? Nobody wants to raise their hands,” Reynolds said to a few laughs and cheers.

The audience was hanging on every word. “I have something called ankylosing spondylitis. It’s an autoimmune disease. I’ve never spoken about it because, to be frank with you, I’ve been embarrassed. And tonight I’m gonna share it, because there’s probably other people out there who suffer from it, too.”

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